The 7 Commandments for a BIG Girl

I’m a big girl. No doubt about it. I’m attempting to make myself more of a fit girl but in the meantime, I have to share the things I’ve learned about big-girldom (yes, I made that up just now).

These are the 7 commandments for a BIG girl… in no particular order.

  1. Thou shalt wear a brazier that fits thy bosom. Just because you can get the bra on doesn’t mean it’s the right fit. If you are popping out (literally) of your bra or the girls exploding out the bottom or sides of your bra – you need help. Also – the bra shouldn’t being leaving scars on your skin. It’s meant to be supportive, not cut off your circulation or make you bleed. Get sized at a big girl store. Victoria’s Secret bras weren’t meant for the well endowed, honey, so go ahead and give up that dream. Now come to terms with your measurements and try on a variety of bras till you find the perfect one. Don’t act like you know what you think you need. You don’t. You should go for sexy but functional. No need to look like your grandma. And the girls should be up but not to the point it looks like you are swallowing them. That’s just not cute. Find the right bra, in the perfect fit and buy every single one you can. It’s like water or air… an absolute necessity.
  2. Thou shalt not buy shoes thy cannot walk in. Do not be the big girl that stomps around the office because you can’t walk in your heels. That just makes you the fat girl on stilts. It’s just not okay. I am not saying you must only wear flats, rather that you should buy heels you are able to walk in naturally. If you can rock the 8 inch hooker heals and not look you’re about to fall flat on your face… then YOU GO GIRL! But if you need to wear the more subtle 2 inch wedge, there is no shame in that.
  3. Thou shalt not wear pants that give thyself a muffin top. This is unacceptable… not matter your size… PERIOD.
  4. Thou shalt carry emergency deodorant/baby powder. Is there much explanation needed here? We sweat and occasionally chafe. If you a paranoid about it then you are in for a miserable day. Come prepared and put your mind at ease. It gives you just a pinch more confidence and sometimes that’s all you need.
  5. Thou shalt not wear a bikini. I’m not saying big isn’t beautiful. What I am saying is be tasteful. If there is a string holding up your bottoms, it shouldn’t be a mystery! If you like being tan everywhere (no judgement here) then get yourself a membership at a nice tanning salon and spare the show at the pool.
  6. Thou shalt buy clothes from a store that carries thy actual size. Do not be the big girl in Forever 21 looking at XS dresses. Just don’t. This is only acceptable if your friend with you wears an XS. Otherwise, there is no shame in going to a store that carries double digit sizes or plus sizes and finding clothes that actually fit you. If the clothes fit right, you’ll feel good in them. Trust me, I’ve battled this for years and once I gave in – it made all the difference.
  7. Thou shalt never settle for less. Just because you fall into the big girl category doesn’t mean you should short change yourself life experiences. You can do everything all those other women out there can do. Do not give up on yourself. If you don’t like yourself, then change.
  • Meredith

    haha! Love this list. I’m guilty of one of these, but I’m not saying which one. 😉 I came over here from the SITS sharefest because I loved the name of your blog. Keep being blunt.

  • Barbara Mizzoni-Young

    Great advice no matter what size girl you are. Visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest.
    Barbara @

  • Curvatude

    LOL…visiting from #SITSSharefest and while i disagree with #5 and have rocked my 2 piece with joy i still got a good laugh



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