Spring Break

I’ve come to the conclusion that EVERY working individual should get a Spring break. As in a paid time off break from work to sleep in, be distracted, shamelessly watch Harry Potter movies and occasionally trashy television. Listen, after a week like that people would come back to work rejuvenated and ready to kick some memos, work emails and conference calls in the ass. I know I would!

How is it remotely fair that my first grader gets a week off? From what? Learning to read, write stories and count coins? COME ON!!! I get that it’s more of a break for the teachers and trust me they are way deserving of a break. They spend all day with our children so we don’t have to, right? You couldn’t pay me enough. But that’s besides the point – why do kids get a break and their hard-working parents don’t? I get that some families are able to take vacations to warm or tropical places for a week. When I was a kid, that’s exactly what we did! But we aren’t one of those families. Instead – my kiddo got to spend the week with my parents (a whole 5 miles from my house) and live like royalty for the week. I can envision my daughter laying on the leather couch with her feet up, watching SpongeBob while my mother serves her grapes and Capri Suns on a silver platter. NO JOKE. She got a week of luxury spoiling while my husband and I worked our usual 40+ hours a week each.

I think it’s only fair (I know life isn’t fair – shut up) that parents get a break too. Right? Who wouldn’t want to spend the week in PJs, eating junk food and watching stupid amounts of Food Network and ABCFamily? Especially, while their children go to school and are forced to learn “valuable” things they will never use in real life like cursive (who writes in that besides teachers and your grandmother?), long division and the history of the ball point pen. I think it would be a good dose of reality because in the real world we don’t get weeks off to play for free. Sadly, it doesn’t work like that. There are a few other things we should be teaching in schools too. Etiquette and common sense would be good additions to school curriculum…but that’s an entirely different post in and of itself.

Okay – I am finished complaining. For now anyway.


Did you get a Spring Break? If so, what did you do? Oh and I totally hate you.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.newlin.5 Lisa Newlin

    I don’t get a spring break either, although I just take one anyway! I figure if it’s good enough for the kids, it’s good enough for me. Strangely, I feel the same way about Capri Suns, and I’m a little jealous of your daughter’s pampering. That sounds like my kind of week!

    Found you from the Sharefest! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/BusyMomofTwins1 BusyMomofTwins

    I got a Spring Break (but I work in education) we took our boys on a cruise – best family vacation ever!

    Visiting from SITS!

    • noudles04

      Love a good cruise! Those buffets get me every time though!

  • http://www.prowessandpearls.blogspot.com/ Michell

    Lol, hi Sarah! Yes we did get a Spring Break(well, my son did). We went to the beach. Thanks so much for dropping by and helping me celebrate my SITS Day! Have a wonderful week!

    • noudles04

      Going to the beach with a little one is A LOT of work!

      No problem! Looking forward to stopping by often! :)