New Job

When I graduated from college in the Spring of 2011, I was thrilled to be headed in a new direction: Corporate America. I had landed a entry level sales job at a large company in my hometown before I even had my diploma. So many of my friends still didn’t know what they were going to do after graduation but I was fortunate enough to have a new path and was eager to get on my way. Best of all – no more school! {For now anyway…}

But pressure was on! This was my first big girl job and my sister (Hi Mar!) works as the same company so I couldn’t just be decent at my job – I had to kick ass. No matter what. So that’s exactly what I did. My sister has been at the company for years and has made a name for herself. She’s smart and successful (don’t let it go to your head, sis) so I couldn’t come in there and be her crappy little sister. I had to make a name for myself; really create my own brand and live up to it. And for 1 year and 8 months I did exactly that. I busted my hump to be the best that I could be – for my family. I took on extra projects, became team lead, mentored new hires, etc. I didn’t mind the extra work but after some time, I felt stuck. I was ready to take on even bigger challenges. I was determined to find a new position before the end of the year. And just when I thought I wasn’t going to make my deadline… everything fell into place. 
On Monday, I started my new job! This is the job for me. It’s in the department I’ve been dying to be in, problem solving (which I love) technical issues for a specific product. Best of all, it just feels right. You know? I don’t know that I’ve ever had that feeling regarding work before till now. There is so much to learn and room for growth. The excitement is overwhelming! I’ve been very lucky thus far my career and I definitely feel this is a step in the right direction. I’m looking forward to work every morning now and am eager to see where this takes me. My first week has gone by so fast and everyone has been so welcoming. Honestly, I’m fighting the urge to stand on my desk and scream, I LOVE MY NEW JOB!!! ‘Cause that would probably be frowned upon. Probably. :) 


Have you ever had a job you loved? What was it?

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  • Leah

    Told ya that your hard work would pay off. That if you were patient, something would happen when you least expected it. So proud of you! Congrats again! :)

    • Sarah

      Thanks Lu! You were totally right! :)

  • Lauren

    Congratulations!!! What a great accomplishment that you should be so proud of!! Also, I am super jealous of your “I love my job” feeling!! Haha :)

    • Sarah

      Thank you!! I’m really excited about it. This “I love my job” feeling is definitely new to me. HAHA! It it makes you feel better – I am hopelessly jealous of your WW360 motivation. Can you be my WW buddy? I need someone.

  • Marian Shenouda Langley

    I’m beyond proud of you! I love you very much and excited to see where this new gig takes you!

    • noudles04

      Thanks sis for all your support. It was a long time coming but I am SO GLAD it’s here! :)

      • noudles04

        My friend Craig. :(