My bluntest thoughts

In the past 24 hours I have seen the same despicable practice take place twice – a mother leaving her baby unattended in the car, while it’s running (in the dark no less). WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! 

I don’t care to hear your lame excuse about how heavy the bucket seat is to carry into the store or how it’s so much faster if you didn’t have to worry about your toddler. If children are so incredibly incontinent than you shouldn’t have had any. Plain and simple. I don’t understand your mental process (or lack there of) before you do these stupid things. You are willing to put your baby’s life at risk for convenience? So it would be easier for you? That’s essentially what it boils down to. YOU needed to get some minuscule item so desperately that taking little Billy in with you was just too much of a hassle. REALLY?

Last night, I literally watched a woman leave her baby (maybe 6 months old) in the car… CRYING… so that she could go into CVS to pick up Q-Tips and smell shampoo. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. It actually happened. I remarked in line behind her about how I thought it was ridiculous that someone left their upset child in the car unattended and they don’t deserve to be parents. She gave me a very dirty look as if you say, How dare you! I also call the non-emergency police number because that’s neglect. I’m appalled that there are so many people out there that would be good parents to that baby and NOT leave him in a running car to sniff hair products, that have endlessly battled infertility issues and time and time again been let down or discouraged. Or people who have waited for what seems like forever to adopt a little bundle of joy. Those people deserve a chance to be parents. Whereas this woman – this woman deserves to be run over by a car. MY CAR.

This is unacceptable. I will not tolerate this. I think it’s appalling and should be addressed. The bottom line is simple: don’t leave your kids in the car… running or not. It’s unsafe. And if having kids is such a pain in the ass for you – then I suggest you either don’t have them, stop having them, or give them to people who want to have them.

This sums it up for me.
This sums it up for me.
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  • Joi

    Well Ms. Sarah your blog name is surely appropriate! I’m dying over here but you speak truth my dear! I never understand ppl running in for a few, crazy! I’m visiting from SITS! I celebrate the entire month of June as well.. 24th for real!

  • Marian Shenouda Langley

    Amen sister!