Lazy Sundays

I know that there are people out there that are extremely productive on Sundays. They get up early, get things accomplished, and have plans they complete. I toast to your awesomeness. I occasionally have these spot on Sundays. But not always….

I confess, I like a good lazy Sunday from time to time. The week sometimes just flies by so fast with long nights, homework, housework, errands, groceries, etc. that I just need a day to regroup. I realize that this goes against all my OCD tendencies but if I don’t do it I’ll have a break down. It’s for my sanity. I sometimes need to sleep in, sit in my pajamas till the evening, browse my DVR, catch up on my reading, and enjoy a nice Law & Order: SVU marathon (I’m addicted – don’t judge me).

So yes, I am still in my pajamas. Judge me all you want but I’m recharging for another busy week. And best of all – the whole family participates and they love it too.

Do you have lazy Sundays too? What do you enjoy doing?

Happy {lazy} Sunday!

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  • Punky Coletta

    Yes! I have been in my PJs all day on this Sunday:)

  • Heather’s Happenings

    I love lazy Sunday’s. On my lazy Sunday’s I usually catch up on the DVR and nap. That is the only day of the week I can catch a nap.

  • Kristiina

    I love lazy Sundays!