Every now and then I feel the need to admit to things on my blog. Sometimes rather shameful things, other times just things that need to be said or things I feel the need to share. And I write these items in my favorite format – a list! I usually feel so much better after confessing too. It’s similar to sitting in the confessional and admitting to your Father all the horrible and sinful things you have done. Expect this has nothing to do with the Catholic faith, is very public and in the end no one will absolve you of your sins. But it’s awesome nonetheless so here goes… 

  • Reese’s peanut butter eggs are evil little pieces of chocolate deliciousness that I can’t resist at all. I would do unspeakable things for one of those damn eggs. Judge me all you want – then have one and get back to me on the matter. 
  • It is ridiculous how behind I am on Modern Family, Castle, and CSI: NY. Shhh! Don’t tell me what happened!!!!! I need to dedicate a weekend to catch up.
  • I missed my little monkey while she was away on Spring Break with my parents. But… the house was quiet, I wasn’t forced to watch SpongeBob and I didn’t have to argue with anyone over dinner. 
  • I’m excited for Spring. I know I know, I am a HUGE Winter person but with Spring comes grilling out, fire pits, flip flops, walks in the neighborhood and green grass. All things I have missed more than usual this year. 
  • I am also dreading Spring. It means yard work, bugs are back and Spring cleaning. All things I am not looking forward to at all. 
  • Mopping is a serious problem for me. I hate doing it, will find any excuse to avoid it and put it off all the time to do silly things like play on Twitter and Pinterest. 
  • My obsession with Arabic music has gotten out of hand. If I don’t hear one Arabic song a day – my life feels incomplete. Almost as bad as if I left my phone or planner at home. Yeah, that bad. 
  • I have a box of Ester Price milk chocolate caramels in my night stand drawer and I’m totally not ashamed. They are there for those life is so stressful I can’t believe I have to do this why is this happening to me I hate myself moments that we all experience from time to time. Most people come home and have a beer. I hate beer. So I come home and have one piece of milk chocolate heaven. 
  • I am addicted to Scentsy. It’s my neighbor’s fault. She sells it and now… I religiously buy it. But I have a small house with a man, six-year-old, two dogs and a cat so it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary. 
  • I totally failed to log any of my Weight Watcher stuff last week. Opps. 
  • Sometimes I can’t stand our cat, Kiko. There I said it. But he’s annoying so it’s justified. 
  • My doctor says I need to tan to help calm down my eczema. The man seriously told me to fake and bake! Not sure if I can do it. 
  • I am so scared to take out the trash because it’s warm enough that neighborhood raccoon, whom we lovingly call Rocky, is back. I am horrified of him and his 4 obese children! I know, it sounds stupid but you’ve never met Rocky.
These are my confessions.   
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  • Say Something Kita

    Lol did you say Rocky got 4 obese kids…yep they will raid your trash cans and knock it over for their other furry friends. I love spring but for what I don’t know I don’t go outside either way. As a child when I visited my grandmother in the country she had me outside everyday in the garden, planting veggies, driving a tractor, lawning yard and all this before the age of 10 now I just look outside through my windows and park close to stores so I won’t be outside for long. Love your blog

    • noudles04

      Thank you for stopping by!

      I know the feeling sometimes. In the summer I am the same way. I am not an outside person once it’s hot and sticky out. That isn’t for me. I’m an AC on so the house is 68 at all times kind of person. :)

  • MJ Scott

    I will confess that I have a box of tasty cakes in my night stand. When I have a one of those moments and need it, I lock the bedroom door and indulge. I try not to feel guilty about it later.

    • noudles04

      That’s legit! I totally approve! :)

  • Akaleistar

    I am looking forward to spring, too, but not the extra chores :)

    • noudles04

      Agreed! I am DREADING the extra chores.

  • Britton

    I am so glad that Spring is FINALLY here! The weather here has been gorgeous! I am still debating on that Spring Cleaning though! BTW…I LOVE Reeses ANYTHING! PERIOD! Stopping in from SITS!

    • noudles04

      I’m not about the Spring cleaning… but my husband is. So that’s AWESOME!

  • Cam | Bibs and Baubles

    Me no likey raccoons!!! Those suckers are mean!

    I have never heard of anyone being obsessed with Arabic. Cool.

    Tanning to calm down eczema… who knew. My doctor has never suggested that. Hmm.. :)

    • noudles04

      I’m Egyptian so the Arabic music isn’t too far off the mark. :)

      Haven’t tried the tanning yet. I will keep you posted!

  • AnnMarie

    I have a bag of Milano cookies hidden for the same reason you have your chocolates hidden and I hate beer, too. I can’t wait for Spring so that I can wear flip flops but the thought of spring cleaning makes me break out in hives. Stopping by from SITS.

    • noudles04

      Oooo Milano cookies! :)

  • nellie A.

    this is hilarious. I am the same way with Mike and Ike’s. I know for a fact that I can eat them as meals. So I stay far far away from them. DO yourself a favor, watch modern family, that kind of laughing is so good for the soul! Visiting from SITS :)

    • noudles04

      Modern Family is hilarious! I need to catch up….

      Thanks for stopping by!